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Power of Desktop AR 

Heritage and Art

Many tourist attractions around the world, especially heritage sites are now digitised and can be integrated and readily used as 3D contents for Desktop AR.


Learn and play with official NASA's MARS Rover, Landers and Satellites with holographic experience. Students are more engaged with their lessons from home during the lockdown. 


With Holo-SDK, shoppers will have immersive experience as they are browsing through product catalogue in 3D environments. Products are appeared as if they floating in front of the screens, making the products look more realistic and increasing customer engagement.


Augment a gaming experience with Desktop AR. Make and play games in a real 3D environment on your computer with Holo-SDK.


Turns an ordinary 2D monitor into a volumetric display and plays Holo-Squash in 3D holographic environment with beautiful and realistic 3D graphics.


Desktop AR provides holographic AR experience on your computer. The system enhances immersiveness when looking at 3D objects. Explore how Desktop AR system can be applied in many industries.

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