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Create 3D Holographic DANCER in 10 minutes!

Updated: Jan 25

Let's make the holographic 3D dancer with desktop AR.

VR / AR technologies are becoming increasingly popular and are predicted to grow very fast in many industries. The covid-19 pandemic has hit many industries, but VR / AR can revive and give emerging opportunities in many industries such as music and entertainment. With the potential of VR/AR technology, people can now experience live concerts in 3D at your home. Now with the Desktop AR by Holo-SDK, you can watch 3D animation or even real actors live at home with minimum devices.

This tutorial will walk you through the steps to make a Desktop AR application to see a dancer in 3D. Just prepare your laptop, get a free Holo-SDK, and start to create a 3D holographic dancer.

Here are the 4 steps for making the Holo-DANCER.

Step 1: Create a dance stage

Step 2: Get dancer avatar and dancing step

Step 3: Create light and music

Step 4: Let's get dancing!

Step 1: Create a dance stage

1. Create an Empty object under HoloObjects and name it to Stage.

2. Go to 3D Object -> Cylinder to create a Bottom Floor object under the Stage, and adjust the Scale and Position of the Bottom Floor.

3. Create another Cylinder under the Stage as the Top Floor and adjust the Scale and Position to be position above the Bottom Floor.

Step 2: Get dancer avatar and dancing steps

1. Download a dancer model from Click Download and select FBX format.