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How Desktop AR Works 

Desktop AR is an augmented reality system that turns an ordinary 2D monitor into a volumetric display. It brings virtual objects into the real-world using a webcam and anaglyph glasses. 

Holo-SDK is an augmented reality software development kit (AR SDK) for Desktop AR, so that VR/AR developers can make various Desktop AR applications or Holo-APP with ease.

Key Features 

Track user's head positions

Holo-SDK works by tracking the user's viewing position using a webcam. Then it uses the head position to adjust the virtual cameras.

Render scene to match user's perspective

The system renders 3D images according to a user's viewing position. Therefore, users can see around 3D objects.

Apply 3D effect

3D shaders will be applied to the rendered images. The 3D scenes can be rendered as red-blue images in the Anaglyph 3D mode or side-by-side format for passive & active 3D displays.

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