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Santa Claus is coming to town! 5 Steps to Make 3D Magical Christmas Card

Updated: Jan 25

A new style of Christmas celebration, You can enjoy Santa Claus in Desktop AR with Holo-SDK.

Christmas is one of the most popular festivals, which is celebrated worldwide. This year may be different as the Christmas trips and travel plans became intimidating in the face of the Covid-19 situation. Although all of this may sound a bit depressing, you can still spend time and celebrate at home with AR/VR technology that lets you have a closer touch with friends and families. On the bright side, new technologies allow us to have many creative ways of celebrating even in this tough time.

Here are 5 steps for making a 3D Christmas Card in Desktop AR,

STEP 1: Get Holo-SDK

STEP 2: Create a New Unity Project

STEP 3: Add Santa Claus 3D Model

STEP 4: Decorating Your App

STEP 5: Enjoy your AR Santa Claus

STEP 1: Get Holo-SDK

Firstly, download the Holo-SDK, and get a free license at With the Holo-SDK, you can start building your first AR application. To install the Holo-SDK, follow

STEP 2: Create a New Unity Project

Here you will need Unity for developing the AR Santa app. Get Unity at

Once the Unity editor is installed, you are ready to create a new Unity project for an AR Santa Claus app. Go to to create a new project in Unity.

STEP 3: Add a Santa Claus 3D Model

Choose your Santa Claus model

In the Unity editor, you can search for a Santa Claus model and import it to your project. Follow this process:

  1. Navigate to the Asset Store tab, log into the Asset Store using your Unity account

  2. Search for a Santa Claus model.

  3. Click Download to download the Santa Claus model into your asset.

  4. Click Import to import the Santa Claus asset to your project.

  5. After the model package is successfully imported, you will see the Santa Claus model folder in the Unity Asset folder.

Search a free Santa Claus model in Unity Asset Store